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Based in Asheville, North Carolina (US), Liz Lang / Auracene composes work at the vertex of emotive, musical arc and multi-faceted sound design.
 Voice, chant, piano, found sound and tweakish tech all find purpose in evoking otherworldly moods and spaces.

The vastness of the Appalachians and bio-detail of NC flora/fauna is constant inspiration for her exploratory processes.  From sonified electrical bio-impulses, mountaintop bees, frenzied 17-year cicada swarms, to wind pummeling rime-ice-laden trees on Craggy Knob.


She has appeared in solo and collaboration (Solumenata, Phenoma, Wyrm, Le Scrambled Debutante, River Guerguerian) on releases out of Germany, Poland, Russia and the US from:  Jacktone Records, Sealt Records, Drone Records, Aquarellist, The Relaxation Company, Roil Noise, Impulsy Stetskopu. And for the Cimarron-Maz collective producing 'Seng Songs' for the Smithsonian.


Liz has scored music and directed sound for film and video (Moon Europa, Solatrium, Wishes) and performed music-to-word with noted writers Alli Marshall and Nina Hart. Her performances include appearances in the Asheville Fringe Festivals, {Re}Happening &  Neo-Pastiche Festival  (Black Mountain College Museum), KSER (Seattle) and with Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre in the Festival de Danza Oc-Ohtic, Mérida - Mexico, and also with Pipsissewa Movement Project, Legacy Butoh and Cilla Vee Life Arts productions.

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