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•  Auracene - new album of voice and musical sound design

•  Envellum - debut

•  more NFT collaborations with Martha Skinner - Asphalt Drawings

April 2 - ReHappening (Black Mountain College Museum) Performance - with

Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre


NFT Release of 'alLineway' - musical sound design

for Martha Skinner's 'Asphalt Drawing' series


"Restoration" - Set Director, Video Artist, Editor for video production with installation artist Claire Elizabeth Barratt and composer Debbie Danbrook. 

Filmed at 4000' on a dark velvet late summer eve.   

New Release on Dear Life Records as "Phenoma" with Kimathi Moore.  Black Mountain College Museum 2019 Live Performance.


With Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater:

"Sweet Borderline" - Re-Happening  (postponed)

"Bamboo" & "Harpe Diem" -  Festival of New Dance (postponed)

With Alli Marshall - "Flyer in a Dark Chamber" (postponed)

For Cimarron-Maz -  'Seng Songs - compositions featuring sonified plant data field-recorded from Bloodroot and Ginseng

January - "Ra Ra Ra Da Da Da", Sly Grog, Asheville. Asheville Fringe Festival.

A Night of No Rules multi-performances hosted by Cilla Vee Life Arts.

January - "Levee Damned", BeBe Theatre, Asheville.  Asheville Fringe Festival

Movement Performance and Composition with Choreographer Michele Torino Hower, Isa Bowser, Kelly Stracener

'alLineway' - Asphalt Drawing series, Martha Skinner -   View here on Foundation
2020 - "Ra Ra Ra Da Da Da" Fringe Festival
2020 - "Ra Ra Ra Da Da Da" Fringe Festival
Auracene Appalachian Mountains Craggy Gardens
'Seng Songs :
Plant-Data Compositions for Cimarron-Maz Collective


December - "Sweet Borderline"

Performance and Composition with Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre - Susan and Giles Collard, Sharon Cooper, Addie Cleveland, Sara Derting - Festival de Danza Oc-Ohtic, Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico

November - "Queer Prom", Sly Grog, Asheville.

Late Night DJ Set - Girls Rock Asheville summer camp Fundraiser.

September - Warp and Woof, AAAC Center.

Sound and Movement Collaboration with Sharon Cooper for Asheville Area Arts Ruby Ball Fundraiser

September - "Levee Damned", BeBe Theatre, Asheville. 

Movement Performance and Composition with Choreographer Michele Torino Hower, Isa Bowser, Kelly Stracener

August - "Flyer in a Dark Chamber", Black Mountain College Museum, Asheville. 

Meditations on Lilith. Spoken word, music/sound, dance performance with poet Alli Marshall, Sharon Cooper and Coco Palmer Dolce

April - "Phenoma", Black Mountain College Museum, Asheville.

Performance duet with Kimathi Moore for Neo-Pastiche Music Festival

March - "Gombroon", Lake Eden, former site of Black Mountain College. 

Re-Happening - Black Mountain College Museum Fundraiser. Multi-media Installation and performance with Amy Hamilton  and Sharon Cooper

March - "Hexual Ceiling" release on Jacktone Records. 

21 minute remix for Le Scrambled Debutante. Limited Ed. release.

Auracene Vs Le ScrambledDebutant

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